About A&B Productions

About Geo A & B Productions


A&B Productions represents brains and expertise enthusiastically engaged in the production of top class dramas and gripping content to cater for numerous TV channels as well as film, music and theater industries.

The team of hardcore professionals comprising writers, directors, producers, editors, graphic experts chip in their best into the demanding projects of nearly every scale and genre within the domain of drama productions.

In a short span of time the company laid its claim to a multitude of hit dramas and serials and emerged as the most popular production house in the country.

On the heels of its initial success in first four years, ANB in March 2013 joined hands with Pakistan’s largest media network – Geo.

Under the new name, Geo ANB Holdings, the production house is striding towards achieving new milestones by creating drama content for Geo Entertainment and Geo Kahani – TV channels that have maintained firm hold on top ranks in terms of both viewership and quality.

The banner of Geo ANB Holdings has under its wings Geo Films, Geo Music, Geo Threatre and other companies, all committed to enriching the world of showbiz and entertainment with more and more colours.

Geo Holdings is thriving in the lead of two legendary names from the world of TV drama industry- Asif Raza Mir and Babar Javed. This dynamic duo has brought a blend of ingenuity and professionalism to the company, making it the most popular entertainment content provider in Pakistan.

Asif Raza Mir's immense experience in the realm of media straddles the fields of performing arts, advertising and production. Brought up in creative environment, he watched his father Raza Mir, who was one of the leading and most acclaimed film makers of Pakistan.

Embarking on his own acting career in 1976, Mir figured in one hit after another on the big, as well as the small screen. In fact, it was his TV appearances that catapulted him to an enviable fame. He then branched out into the field of advertising, starting with Midas, and then partnering in the formation of Blazon, which ranked among the top ten agencies in the span of mere 5 years.


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