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Piya Mann Bhaaye:    

Geo A&B Productions brought you the most appreciated drama serial “Piya Mann Bhaye” in current lot. It was nothing short of a roller coaster ride; filled with all the essential ingredients that managed to hook the audience till drama ending. Viewers applauded unconventional story of mismatched couples and related complexities. The entire cast in drama serial “Piya Mann Bhaye” has created a new height of obsession specially Shaheer, Mantasha, Hania and Zawaar. The profound talk and philosophical notes of Ijaz Sahib (Zawaar’s father) was spot on along with Abeeha quotations from her favorite author Ashfaq Ahmed. 

“Jo rishtay compromise par bantay hain woh behad kamzor hotay hain, kabhi na kabhi toot jatay hain jabkay yaqeen ki basis pe jo risjtay bantay hain woh chahy jitney hee kamzor hoon unko nihayat mazbooti se nibhaya ja sakta hai” Says Ijaz Sahib (Zawaar’s father)

Dramaphile simply love the cutest couple on planet earth, Shaheer and Mantasha. The avaricious and crafty Hania kept the play interesting and watchable product through her memorable character. Since from the beginning, the perfectly executed show became the talk of the town on social media and entertainment community. The playwright Asma Sayani penned an orthodox story related to human relationships and compromises. Ali Faizan, the visionary director (Also directed drama soap Chhoti) captained the ship for MEGA-HIT project.

Huge congratulations to Geo TV and entire team of play for giving Pakistani drama industry another blockbuster and trendsetter of its spell. 

Here is the director's statement on the project of "Piya Mann Bhaye"

Ali Faizan Said:

Certain projects are close to your heart because they mark the beginning of a promising phase of your own life. That is exactly what PIYA MANN BHAE has been for me, a promising start to my own journey as a Director. So today I thank you all for loving, acknowledging and appreciating a project that I so thoroughly enjoyed creating. I thank Babar Javed, Imran sahab, Erum and Waqas, Adeel Suri for being entirely supportive of my work throughout and for believing in me. I thank Samreen and Azhar and all of my technical team for their hard work and support throughout the project. It wouldn't have been the same without you all. Thanks to Asma Sayani for providing us with a story with such great potential. And a special thanks to my team and actors for helping out so much with the script and other elements of the project. Lastly a big thank you to my cast for carrying out their parts with such honest effort and good energy. Specially Sami Khan and Rabab Hashim, abdullah Ejaz and ushna shah, manzoor qureshi, sajda syed, nazli mirza, gul-e-rana, Shehzeen, Afraz, Azekah and all others. 

"Movie directors or should I say people who create things, are very greedy and they can never be satisfied. That's why they can keep on working. I've been able to work for so long because I think next time, I'll make something good."


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